And So Your Story Begins…

is how the scenario usually plays out.

You are given an assignment months in advanced. “Oh no worries!” You say to yourself. “I will get this done way before it is due!”

Cue to the night before your assignment is due where all hell is breaking because your ‘clever’ little mind decided that busting out a seven page paper was indeed doable the night before it was due.

Spoiler alert – it is not.

I never understood why teachers always wanted us to write a first draft. Honesty, when they still tell me to do it, I usually will write it and never write another one again. Horrible. I am aware. However – I do see the reason behind doing it – to make your work better!

Love me some April from the television show Parks and Recreation

If you are like me – besides amazing – you are not a social butterfly nor do you like to talk to people slash initiate conversations. First drafts give you a reason to talk to your classmates and they will let you know if your paper sucks or not. Hey, that’s a mystery in itself.

I just realized I was going off topic. ANYWAYS, first drafts – yes – please do them. You only learn more about your writing if you continue to write. Even if it is the same paper over and over again. Practice makes perfect and honestly feedback is key. Don’t think you are perfect because news flash Susie – no one is perfect.

Annnnnd that was my blog on first drafts brought to you by the book ‘Telling True Stories‘ sold on a website near you!


Look At This Photograph…

Hi - I'm not a creepy mannequin!

Hi – I’m not a creepy mannequin!

Pictures say a thousand words. Or so they say…

Personally, I think photos capture memories. I will be completely honesty – I cannot remember what I did five hours ago so to have photos available do make recalling memories easier.

A lot of the photos I take are in the moment. Maybe they are of a lot of cats, dogs, animals, mind your business! However – I capture moments I personally would like to remember. Wouldn’t you?

Here are some of my photos I have captured over the years.
Brought to you by my Nikon D3000!

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Will The Real Sara Rose Wheeler Please Stand Up


They are interesting. They make us wonder why our lives are extremely boring. Let’s face it – every one is a sucker for a solid profile. I know I am.

In this post, as we learned in part 3 in Telling True Stories – I will write a lovely profile of myself.


Leslie Knope, I adore you.

Monday – January 23, 1989, a blonde haired 6lb and 11oz bundle of joy entered the world – Sara Rose Wheeler.

Ok, hold on. That isn’t exactly how you would start your profile, but, you get the gist of it.

Side note – expect to see a lot of Leslie Knope gifs because well, this is my profile and I can do whatever I want.

Speaking of waffles….

Back to my profile …

Without fail, every morning, when the alarm hits 5:55A.M., she slowly makes her way out of her bed. Arms above her head and with one eye open, Sara struggles to make it to the bathroom to get ready for another ten hour shift.

When this happens to me – its the best gift on this earth.

6:30A.M. is when her shift begins. Ready to tell patients whether or not they can afford to have their teeth extracted. The stress in the office is unbearable but yet her witty attitude seems to trek through.

See, now you are getting it! The whole point of a profile is to shine a light on a person. To show the world who they are. Granted, my life is extremely thrilling (nope) it is still interesting to get to know someone through someone else’s eyes.

I am sure once my profile goes on and on about how incredible I am, you will get to learn more about me. I will save you a read and give you a list of top ten facts about me.





1. I get distracted easily – clearly. Profiles?
2. I wish I could sleep for more than 7 hours.
3. I am always cranky.
4. I love to write – clearly.
5. I just tried steak for the first time last year and I have no idea how I have been living 25 years without eating it.

All the steaks

6 – I don’t want to do this anymore,
7. Profiles are in my opinion the most entertaining to write.
8. Well, besides obituaries.
9. Because, you learn so much about a person you never knew before.
10. Like me – I have taught you all a lot today about myself.

I just finished a 12 hour shift — I’m done.

Six Restaurants That Keep Upstate New York Alive – Just Sayin’


Click me to come eat with me!


nps gov

 Oh Rome, New York. The city that has a fort in the middle of it. Which, I still till this day have no idea why?! No offense – have you been to Rome? Also, it is filled with nothing.

You have your typically Wal-Mart. The photo on the right is the Wal-Mart from Rome, NY and let me tell you, that is the spot to be at. Why do you ask? Because  there is literally nothing to do in Rome.

However, enough with the negative Nancy. Let’s talk about great thing in the good ol’ Rome, NY  —- FOOD. NOM NOM NOM

Well, lucky for you, I created a map that gives you the exact locations and even some sneak peak exclusive home town photos (well supplied by Google. Of course) of these delicious, mouth watering, amazing restaurants.

Click the map and it will bring you to your food destination! That I, Sara Rose Wheeler, highly recommend. Clearly.

Speaking of food – I’m Hungry….

Watch B List Stars Dance!

Let's Meet Our Dancers!

Let’s Meet Our Dancers!

We all know you cannot wait until Monday March 17th to sit down in your favorite cozy muumuu and indulge in some delicious buttery, salty goodness that is not popcorn but even better – Dancing With The Stars! SEASON 18!


Kimmy Gibbler and I will be rooting for you!

Reporting for Narrative: Ten Tips NOT from Mark Kramer..Kinda



Author Mark Kramer gave inspiring reporting for narrative tips in the book, Telling True Stories, however, I think I could give better tips. Shall we?

When you write, and especially when you write narrative, you create a sequential intellectual and emotion experience for the reader.”

sara pizza

Show me the mon – pizza!


Is one of the key factors in narrative writing. Why tell someone you are going to indulge in a nice delicious pizza when you can show them instead?

Eh – not like to the right of you but more so like, “Steam rising up off the melted cheese made my mouth water. The first bite, my teeth sinking into the cheese through the tomato sauce and into the moist crust, made me chew and swallow rapidly. Even the cheese and tomato sauce, sticking to my fingertips, begged to be licked.”

Uhm – awkward.

Anyways – here are TEN reporting for narrative tips by yours truly (and Mark Kramer):

1. Before selecting a topic, think carefully about what will intrigue readers.

I would take a shot that probably writing a story on farming would not be your best bet. Unless it is about goats then yes proceed.

2. After selecting a good topic, secure good access.

A.K.A don’t have shitty sources and or make them up. You are not Stephen Glass.

3.  Find the unfolding action then provide the narrative line.

The three ninjas, dressed in neon green leotards,  leaped out of the polka dot Volkswagen bug and  immediately whipped out their swords to attack the wasps swarming the town.
^That example was weak Wheeler. Let’s move on.

4.  Find hints of character in the action.

Like the goats – they scream like humans. How does that not boggle your mind!?

5. Find the right scene details through careful sensory reporting.

If someone smells – report it. Basically sums up that rule.

6. Pinpoint your subjects’ emotional experience, not your own.

If Jerry just broke your heart after three beautiful months together and ruined your wedding plans you probably should not let that get in the way of interviewing something much more important like NOT your three month relationship.

7. Rigorously research your story’s context.

Research your story so you don’t look like an ass when it goes public and people question why you made everything up. Spoiler alert – clown ninjas do not exist — I think…don’t quote me.

8.  Late in the drafting process, crystallize the point of your story.

Don’t wait seven hours before your story is due. I think.

9. Very late in the writing process, refine the difference between your views and your subject’s views.

Write fairly – despite if you manage to grow feelings to your subject.

10. Cherish the structural ideas and metaphors that come to you while you are reporting.

Pay attention to quotes and how you might play with them in your story. Also, every little thing you write down will make a difference whether or not your story will suck or shine.

Don’t suck.




If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.

“At the heart of every issue is a human element that leads to the three most beautiful words in the English language: What happened next?”-Katherine Lanpher“The door was blown shut.” Ok. The door was blown shut. Got it. So – was there a storm? Perhaps a murderer is slyly making his (or her – girls can be murderers too) oh so quiet entrance in a home to murder those sleeping ever so cozy in their beds. NO BODY KNOWS!

Well, we do when we turn the next page.

I would also say that the other most lovely four words in the English language would be: “Turn the next page.

We turn the page to either be satisfied to see that we indeed guessed it was a murderer and they are in the mudroom sharpening their machete to begin their murder spree. Or, we could be completely disappointed that it was only a measly squirrel who squeezed through the door when the wind whipped it opened only to blow it shut. Not that I was disappointed. No one wants murderers entering their homes. Well, at least not me.

Katherine knows her stuff. No one wants to read or listen to something boring. If you do, then  you are boring.

Here are a couple of sentences I would find boring:

“So, did you watch the Olympics last night? The figure skating was my favorite part!”

“I decided last last minute not to record the Bachelor last night.”

Here are a couple of sentences I would find intriguing:

“The goat chased the cow down to the city.”

“The food finally came out.”

Soo – what happened to the goat and the cow? More importantly – why was the goat chasing the cow?

The food came out. Fantastic. What happened next?

If you aren’t thinking, “What happened next?” to either of those sentences then, you are boring. Sorry that I have to be blunt.

I shall leave you with this:

Young People and Social Media


It seems that all young people would be considered obsessed with social media. Very rarely do you spot a teenager without their cell phone glued to their hands, eyes down. They make little to zero eye contact when walking past strangers. Almost as if they are in their own little world and they have a sign around their neck which reads, “Do Not Disturb.” Let’s see what is happening in the minds of this young generation.

Thank you Best Buy 545 for letting me take a glamor shot of your employee

Thank you Best Buy 545 for letting me take a glamor shot of your employee

Meet Bryant. Bryant is 24-years-old and currently works at Best Buy. I found him extremely interesting as I was cashing out. So, this was an opportunity I could not pass up. Surprisingly, Bryant isn’t really a fan of what would be considered as popular social media sites such a as Facebook. “I mean I have one. I use it sometimes but very rarely.” Bryant is also a huge fan of Netflix. “I get on Netflix binges where I will watch a full season of different shows in one sitting. It is amazing!” When asked where Bryant gets his news his answer may surprise you. “I am not going to lie, I usually get my news from Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. I love the show and the Weekend Update is the best part! Not only is it hilarious but its also informative!” Bryant is a young adult yet social media doesn’t take over his life. Perhaps the future is bright – or at least Bryant’s future is.

Twitter seems to be very popular with the younger generation when it comes to social media. Matthew a 22-year-old college student goes to Twitter for all his news and sports updates. “Twitter is used for sports. I also follow other news sites on Twitter as well. Twitter gets me the news before its actually released on the television. Facebook isn’t the same – you can’t truly get news from the true sources there. It is more for friends than anything else. Twitter is so much better for the news I think.” Matthew is a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan. Twitter is his number one source for all the Flyers updates. “Twitter allows beat writers and organizations to be more personable.” Matthew also mentioned that he uses Instagram as well but his main go to is Twitter.

No Social Media for Bridget

No Social Media for Bridget

Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to introduce you to 19-year-old college student Bridget – the first teenager I have ever encountered that does not use any social media site. “I am really focus on my studies. I also work a part time job at Rite Aid on top of it. I would rather spend time with my friends and boyfriend in real life than through the computer.” Bridget does have an active Facebook page but she has not been on it since 2010. “I created a Facebook page back when it was popular. Looking back now, I was extremely young and I have no idea why I was even allowed to create one! Everyone my age thinks its weird I don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account. I much rather live my life in reality than this internet based reality like a lot of people my age do.” The thing that struck me the most was when Bridget mentioned, “I do not care if a stranger things I am pretty or ugly. I don’t need to post a photo of myself online to gain my confidence. I love myself and I am already confident without that.” I applaud Bridget and her rare lifestyle without being active on any social media sites. Bridget did mention that she sometimes watches the news with her parents but mostly reads magazines to catch any juicy celebrity gossip.


Out of those three diverse young people, it seems as their uses of social media are completely different. Bryant mainly watches television, whereas Matthew uses Twitter for quick up to date news releases. Bridget is a huge rarity not only between Bryant and Matthew but for people in her own age group where she relies on magazines over social media sites. I believe it is all how that person wants to spend their lives. Bridget would rather be with friends in real life over talking to them via internet. Twitter is a great source for news and a very easy way to contact important people. You can Tweet your favorite celebrity with hopes they just might Tweet you back. Social media is growing – who knows what kinds of technology we will have in the next couple of years. Perhaps the younger generation will subside from it or make it useful for their lives other than posting a selfie every five minutes on Instagram with hopes they get a world record of likes.

10 Surprising Facts About Cats


1.  They will always have your back. Always.

2.  Despite their reputation of being selfish and standoffish – they will actually take a bullet for you. You however, do control when their cat liter will be changed.

Literally – take a bullet

3.  Even though they are famous for not being affectionate — don’t let them fool you.

They love EVERYONE

4.  Cats will go through great lengths to make their way back home.

5.  Cats are the coolest pets. Sorry dogs.


6.  Cats are clever at finding other survival resources.

Who needs a water dish?

7.  Spoiler Alert – They LOVE cuddling.

Cuddle all night long!

8.  They are the truest of homebodies.

Partying takes too much effort.

9.  Cats are not afraid to stand their ground.

Oh NO you DIDN’T!

10.  Cats are truly one of your best friends.

I love you Best Friend.

BONUS: CAT VIDEO – You are welcome.

Sara Rose Wheeler: What I Read

I have never been a fan of alarm clocks. I even tried to put some of my favorite songs in place of that obnoxious ring or horn to wake me up. Without fail, my hatred towards waking up at 5:30 A.M. four days out of the week grows stronger with each slumber. Time to muster up some effort to get ready and attempt to look presentable to the world.

I work at an oral surgeons office. Sometimes the sun is still sleeping as I walk in to start my 6:30 A.M. shift to make patients feel better about getting their teeth pulled.Let’s face it –  who truly wants their teeth pulled?

I am eager to read what the world has been up to while I was sleeping. After I get cozy at my desk and get everything ready for the day, I finally get to check my email. I look to see if any Twitter notifications are flooding my inbox. Skunked again. With the swipe to the left and the red button that says, “Archive” to junk or nonsense emails, it is time to move on.

I usually then head over to Facebook to see what is going on in the world. Sometimes, Facebook even let’s me know if it is cold out! Actually, Facebook alerts me to any weather related news. You can also add sporting events, popular television shows and local events in that category as well. I get bored with Facebook fast because everything and everyone is usually the same. I am just the creep who trolls to see what everyone is doing rather than post anything about my life.

Twitter is where the real entertainment happens. You can get a tweet from a B-level MTV reality star (don’t judge) followed by Anne Curry telling me what major event is happening at this very moment. Sometimes Uberfacts surprises me with things that I never knew! For example, did you know when you die you can have your ashes turned into a memorial reef? Or how about talking about ourselves triggers the same sensation of pleasure in our brains as food or money. Amazing facts under 140 characters!

Lunch time usually arrives at noon. I head to my car to eat my feast and enter my favorite world of BuzzFeed. Oh BuzzFeed – it is like Reddit’s little brother; lots of useless nonsense and loads of photos. Sometimes, you can even catch a serious story. I enjoy the Rewind section on Buzzfeed. The videos they post about facts also catches my eye. Usually my Reddit and Buzzfeed time go back to back. I usually gain or lose knowledge, all depending on what my mood is. Spolier alert – do not go to the sub reddit WTF. I warned you.

Between calling insurances companies and checking in patients, I scroll through Instagram to see what friends posted a carbon copy selfie that they posted yesterday but in a different outfit. I also look for the cute animal and baby photos. If you are having a bad day, Google dogs wearing tights and everything is better again. I usually Google random photos to make my day go by much quickly.

At the end of the day, I relax to some Jeopardy and in between commercials I check above sites. I get my news through Reddit, Buzzfeed and always Twitter. Twitter retweets are my favorite. I would have never been aware of a story or breaking news if it wasn’t for this amazing site.

As 5 O’clock hits on Friday, see you later internet world. Time to catch up on my favorite shows such as New Girl, Parks and Recreation, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and  Louie. During the week I am attached to my phone. Rotting my brain with all those apps. After five on Friday, I am attached to the people I love and spend the whole weekend with them to only be reunited with the social media world at 5:30 A.M. Monday morning.