I fell in love for the first time at 25

When girls think of ‘true love’… they usually think of  Prince Charming  riding down a dirt road on a white horse. Or a handsome fella saving you from that dangerous Witch that is out to kill you and your family. Or perhaps falling in love with your kidnapper. I am looking at you Belle. Right? No. I […]

Constantly Apologizing

A couple months ago, I read an article on Buzzfeed about a woman who was constantly apologizing. In the article the author wrote, “Women tend to apologize more frequently than men, a study in Psychological Science shows.” Whether it is a genuine apology for a mistake you made or because you took too long washing the […]

Things to remember this school year

Welcome back students! Whether you are heading into your freshmen year of high school or college, you are in for quite an adventure. I know some of you High School students are just itching to get out and get into the “real world” but slow down. Enjoy being in the moment and being able to […]

We have finished.

Telling True Stories We have finished. I have been slacking (not really just really busy with the end of the semester on top of working for 10 hours) and here are the last two chapters of this book. I wanted to mix them together because narrative, what makes a good book/writing and getting a job […]

Hire me – My Resume

Sara Wheeler |315-271-3233 | sararosewheeler@gmail.com | Accomplished blogger and marketing professional with experience developing and implementing marketing on both traditional and digital platforms, looking for advancement in career. Adept at managing multiple projects while maintaining efficiency and a sense of humor. Up-to-date on evolving social media platforms and technologies. EDUCATION University at Albany – Albany, […]

You can call me Al

“A man walks down the street… He says, “Why am I soft in the middle now? Why am I soft in the middle? The rest of my life is so hard. I need a photo-opportunity. I want a shot at redemption. Don’t want to end up a cartoon. In a cartoon graveyard.” Oh Paul Simon, […]