We have finished.

Telling True Stories

We have finished. I have been slacking (not really just really busy with the end of the semester on top of working for 10 hours) and here are the last two chapters of this book. I wanted to mix them together because narrative, what makes a good book/writing and getting a job go together. Without narrative, you do not have a good story – in my eyes.

First off – you do not want your book to be boring. As I preached all semester long. You do not want to see your readers faces to look like:

But more so as:

You want your writing to be as delicious as an ice cream sundae where they want to keep scooping for more.

Do not use “I.” You want to tell/show your narrative where you are not  in the story. Let’s not be selfish. There are plenty of more opportunities for you to talk about you in a later piece.

Focus on your subject and roll with it. Add, smells, scenes, details, sounds anything and everything you can think of to place the reader in that exact scene.

After you have completed your masterpiece – you now want to look for someone that will take you in resulting in money – also known as a job.

Honey Boo Boo knows what is up!

Create an amazing resume – no typos – and send it off.

STAND OUT! Be creative. Be daring. Take a chance, a leap of faith (don’t jump elsewhere) and roll with it. TAKE A RISK! You don’t want life filled with regrets because you sent in a boring black and white piece of paper you call your Resume’. With the fancy signature.

Let me know if you have gotten that job. You can thank me later.

This may be the end of the book, semester my college career but, my writing as just begun.

Dry those eyes, I will still be on here.


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