Don’t let Red Skull bully you.


When you sit down to begin your novel and or begin your article, after one thousand words when your editor only asked you for five hundred, reality check – you need to cut some of it out. Not everything you wrote is interesting or will have a huge impact on the reader.

Bam! Edit!

Almost like when you do a Facebook purge. What is a Facebook purge you ask? I shall tell you!

Facebook purging is when you decide that that boy you thought was cute in high school who is now a weirdo and you have not spoken to him in about 8 years. You click the little trash can and or icon that says ‘delete friend’ then you simply repeat until everyone that has no purpose in your life is off your Facebook timeline.

Red Skull bad. Captain America greeaaat!


HINT: You should probably just delete your Facebook all together. Just throwing my two cents out there.

Anyways, I apologize. I do not remember how we got here. EDITING

Yes, back to editing. I always read my work out loud (lies, I SOMETIMES do.) that way I can see if something sounds clunky and or does not fit. I will also read over and go over a piece a million times (well, it seems like that much.) until I feel it is absolutely perfect.

There is no such thing as perfect. There is a such thing as making your writing stand out and at the correct length. Editing is so important to anything you write. That novel you just finished, I am sure that author cut out and put back in and cut out again a lot of parts to make his or her book just right.

Once you are satisfied, then you know. Then you completed the editing page and ready to hand in that paper!

Congrats! You finished 7 hours before it was due when you knew about it all semester! Cheers!

Oh PS: Regardless if you are writing a paper, novel and or professional email, please PLEASE never use abbreviations. Just spell words out please.

For example:

“OMG I will work on that disclosure. LMK if you ladies need any help!”

What the f did that person just say?

Ok bye.



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