I work for the reader, not the police

When someone tells you something personal…

     Then finish it with, “But please do not tell anyone!” Do you go and tell?
I never know exactly what to do. I even have thought about writing a post about a situation with a close friend – but is it ethical?

What would you do?

Here is her story…

Love – oh love. It is such a toxic thing. When two hearts collide – BAM – you are stepping in dangerous territory.

“Driving away from the wreck of the day and I’m thinking ’bout calling on Jesus. ‘Cause love doesn’t hurt so I know I’m not falling in love. I’m just falling to pieces.”

A pretty young girl. A handsome young guy.

“I got this bruise from a workout.” She said.

Weeks go by…

“I was playing around. I am such a klutz.” She would say.

Until her clumsiness gets too extreme.

With tears streaming down here face — she admits the cold hard truth we all suspect.

The one she loves — hits her.

I didn’t want to put beat because that sounds extremely harsh. Was that ethical of me?

She continues to tell her story which is powerful and I get to know more about her and she opens up to me.

Me — out of every one. Me.


Though this was a long while ago — I thought about writing about it for the public.

How can we help others that are in the same situation?

Would that be ethical? To put my own thoughts and opinions in a subject too close to me?

The back and forth continues.

Her voice should be heard.

He should pay more than the six months of jail time he received.

The question continues.

I work for the reader, not the police.


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