And So Your Story Begins…

is how the scenario usually plays out.

You are given an assignment months in advanced. “Oh no worries!” You say to yourself. “I will get this done way before it is due!”

Cue to the night before your assignment is due where all hell is breaking because your ‘clever’ little mind decided that busting out a seven page paper was indeed doable the night before it was due.

Spoiler alert – it is not.

I never understood why teachers always wanted us to write a first draft. Honesty, when they still tell me to do it, I usually will write it and never write another one again. Horrible. I am aware. However – I do see the reason behind doing it – to make your work better!

Love me some April from the television show Parks and Recreation

If you are like me – besides amazing – you are not a social butterfly nor do you like to talk to people slash initiate conversations. First drafts give you a reason to talk to your classmates and they will let you know if your paper sucks or not. Hey, that’s a mystery in itself.

I just realized I was going off topic. ANYWAYS, first drafts – yes – please do them. You only learn more about your writing if you continue to write. Even if it is the same paper over and over again. Practice makes perfect and honestly feedback is key. Don’t think you are perfect because news flash Susie – no one is perfect.

Annnnnd that was my blog on first drafts brought to you by the book ‘Telling True Stories‘ sold on a website near you!


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