Will The Real Sara Rose Wheeler Please Stand Up


They are interesting. They make us wonder why our lives are extremely boring. Let’s face it – every one is a sucker for a solid profile. I know I am.

In this post, as we learned in part 3 in Telling True Stories – I will write a lovely profile of myself.


Leslie Knope, I adore you.

Monday – January 23, 1989, a blonde haired 6lb and 11oz bundle of joy entered the world – Sara Rose Wheeler.

Ok, hold on. That isn’t exactly how you would start your profile, but, you get the gist of it.

Side note – expect to see a lot of Leslie Knope gifs because well, this is my profile and I can do whatever I want.

Speaking of waffles….

Back to my profile …

Without fail, every morning, when the alarm hits 5:55A.M., she slowly makes her way out of her bed. Arms above her head and with one eye open, Sara struggles to make it to the bathroom to get ready for another ten hour shift.

When this happens to me – its the best gift on this earth.

6:30A.M. is when her shift begins. Ready to tell patients whether or not they can afford to have their teeth extracted. The stress in the office is unbearable but yet her witty attitude seems to trek through.

See, now you are getting it! The whole point of a profile is to shine a light on a person. To show the world who they are. Granted, my life is extremely thrilling (nope) it is still interesting to get to know someone through someone else’s eyes.

I am sure once my profile goes on and on about how incredible I am, you will get to learn more about me. I will save you a read and give you a list of top ten facts about me.





1. I get distracted easily – clearly. Profiles?
2. I wish I could sleep for more than 7 hours.
3. I am always cranky.
4. I love to write – clearly.
5. I just tried steak for the first time last year and I have no idea how I have been living 25 years without eating it.

All the steaks

6 – I don’t want to do this anymore,
7. Profiles are in my opinion the most entertaining to write.
8. Well, besides obituaries.
9. Because, you learn so much about a person you never knew before.
10. Like me – I have taught you all a lot today about myself.

I just finished a 12 hour shift — I’m done.


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