Six Restaurants That Keep Upstate New York Alive – Just Sayin’


Click me to come eat with me!


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 Oh Rome, New York. The city that has a fort in the middle of it. Which, I still till this day have no idea why?! No offense – have you been to Rome? Also, it is filled with nothing.

You have your typically Wal-Mart. The photo on the right is the Wal-Mart from Rome, NY and let me tell you, that is the spot to be at. Why do you ask? Because  there is literally nothing to do in Rome.

However, enough with the negative Nancy. Let’s talk about great thing in the good ol’ Rome, NY  —- FOOD. NOM NOM NOM

Well, lucky for you, I created a map that gives you the exact locations and even some sneak peak exclusive home town photos (well supplied by Google. Of course) of these delicious, mouth watering, amazing restaurants.

Click the map and it will bring you to your food destination! That I, Sara Rose Wheeler, highly recommend. Clearly.

Speaking of food – I’m Hungry….


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