And So Your Story Begins…

Here is how the scenario usually plays out. You are given an assignment months in advanced. “Oh no worries!” You say to yourself. “I will get this done way before it is due!” Cue to the night before your assignment is due where all hell is breaking because your ‘clever’ little mind decided that busting […]

Will The Real Sara Rose Wheeler Please Stand Up

PROFILES They are interesting. They make us wonder why our lives are extremely boring. Let’s face it – every one is a sucker for a solid profile. I know I am. In this post, as we learned in part 3 in Telling True Stories – I will write a lovely profile of myself. Here.We.Go! Monday […]

Six Restaurants That Keep Upstate New York Alive – Just Sayin’

¬†Oh Rome, New York. The city that has a fort in the middle of it. Which, I still till this day have no idea why?! No offense – have you been to Rome? Also, it is filled with nothing. You have your typically Wal-Mart. The photo on the right is the Wal-Mart from Rome, NY […]

Watch B List Stars Dance!

We all know you cannot wait until Monday March 17th to sit down in your favorite cozy muumuu and indulge in some delicious buttery, salty goodness that is not popcorn but even better – Dancing With The Stars! SEASON 18! ENJOY! PS: Team DJ TANNER! Kimmy Gibbler and I will be rooting for you!

Reporting for Narrative: Ten Tips NOT from Mark Kramer..Kinda

Author Mark Kramer gave inspiring reporting for narrative tips in the book, Telling True Stories, however, I think I could give better tips. Shall we? “When you write, and especially when you write narrative, you create a sequential intellectual and emotion experience for the reader.” SHOW! SHOW NOT TELL! Is one of the key factors […]