If it wasn’t for my horse, I wouldn’t have spent that year in college.

“At the heart of every issue is a human element that leads to the three most beautiful words in the English language: What happened next?”-Katherine Lanpher

http://troutcreekfeedandtack.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/a165c-cartoon-horse-clipart.jpg“The door was blown shut.” Ok. The door was blown shut. Got it. So – was there a storm? Perhaps a murderer is slyly making his (or her – girls can be murderers too) oh so quiet entrance in a home to murder those sleeping ever so cozy in their beds. NO BODY KNOWS!

Well, we do when we turn the next page.

I would also say that the other most lovely four words in the English language would be: “Turn the next page.

We turn the page to either be satisfied to see that we indeed guessed it was a murderer and they are in the mudroom sharpening their machete to begin their murder spree. Or, we could be completely disappointed that it was only a measly squirrel who squeezed through the door when the wind whipped it opened only to blow it shut. Not that I was disappointed. No one wants murderers entering their homes. Well, at least not me.

Katherine knows her stuff. No one wants to read or listen to something boring. If you do, then  you are boring.


Here are a couple of sentences I would find boring:

“So, did you watch the Olympics last night? The figure skating was my favorite part!”

“I decided last last minute not to record the Bachelor last night.”

Here are a couple of sentences I would find intriguing:

“The goat chased the cow down to the city.”

“The food finally came out.”

Soo – what happened to the goat and the cow? More importantly – why was the goat chasing the cow?

The food came out. Fantastic. What happened next?

If you aren’t thinking, “What happened next?” to either of those sentences then, you are boring. Sorry that I have to be blunt.

I shall leave you with this:


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