Young People and Social Media


It seems that all young people would be considered obsessed with social media. Very rarely do you spot a teenager without their cell phone glued to their hands, eyes down. They make little to zero eye contact when walking past strangers. Almost as if they are in their own little world and they have a sign around their neck which reads, “Do Not Disturb.” Let’s see what is happening in the minds of this young generation.

Thank you Best Buy 545 for letting me take a glamor shot of your employee

Thank you Best Buy 545 for letting me take a glamor shot of your employee

Meet Bryant. Bryant is 24-years-old and currently works at Best Buy. I found him extremely interesting as I was cashing out. So, this was an opportunity I could not pass up. Surprisingly, Bryant isn’t really a fan of what would be considered as popular social media sites such a as Facebook. “I mean I have one. I use it sometimes but very rarely.” Bryant is also a huge fan of Netflix. “I get on Netflix binges where I will watch a full season of different shows in one sitting. It is amazing!” When asked where Bryant gets his news his answer may surprise you. “I am not going to lie, I usually get my news from Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. I love the show and the Weekend Update is the best part! Not only is it hilarious but its also informative!” Bryant is a young adult yet social media doesn’t take over his life. Perhaps the future is bright – or at least Bryant’s future is.

Twitter seems to be very popular with the younger generation when it comes to social media. Matthew a 22-year-old college student goes to Twitter for all his news and sports updates. “Twitter is used for sports. I also follow other news sites on Twitter as well. Twitter gets me the news before its actually released on the television. Facebook isn’t the same – you can’t truly get news from the true sources there. It is more for friends than anything else. Twitter is so much better for the news I think.” Matthew is a huge Philadelphia Flyers fan. Twitter is his number one source for all the Flyers updates. “Twitter allows beat writers and organizations to be more personable.” Matthew also mentioned that he uses Instagram as well but his main go to is Twitter.

No Social Media for Bridget

No Social Media for Bridget

Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to introduce you to 19-year-old college student Bridget – the first teenager I have ever encountered that does not use any social media site. “I am really focus on my studies. I also work a part time job at Rite Aid on top of it. I would rather spend time with my friends and boyfriend in real life than through the computer.” Bridget does have an active Facebook page but she has not been on it since 2010. “I created a Facebook page back when it was popular. Looking back now, I was extremely young and I have no idea why I was even allowed to create one! Everyone my age thinks its weird I don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account. I much rather live my life in reality than this internet based reality like a lot of people my age do.” The thing that struck me the most was when Bridget mentioned, “I do not care if a stranger things I am pretty or ugly. I don’t need to post a photo of myself online to gain my confidence. I love myself and I am already confident without that.” I applaud Bridget and her rare lifestyle without being active on any social media sites. Bridget did mention that she sometimes watches the news with her parents but mostly reads magazines to catch any juicy celebrity gossip.


Out of those three diverse young people, it seems as their uses of social media are completely different. Bryant mainly watches television, whereas Matthew uses Twitter for quick up to date news releases. Bridget is a huge rarity not only between Bryant and Matthew but for people in her own age group where she relies on magazines over social media sites. I believe it is all how that person wants to spend their lives. Bridget would rather be with friends in real life over talking to them via internet. Twitter is a great source for news and a very easy way to contact important people. You can Tweet your favorite celebrity with hopes they just might Tweet you back. Social media is growing – who knows what kinds of technology we will have in the next couple of years. Perhaps the younger generation will subside from it or make it useful for their lives other than posting a selfie every five minutes on Instagram with hopes they get a world record of likes.


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