10 Surprising Facts About Cats


1.  They will always have your back. Always.

2.  Despite their reputation of being selfish and standoffish – they will actually take a bullet for you. You however, do control when their cat liter will be changed.

Literally – take a bullet

3.  Even though they are famous for not being affectionate — don’t let them fool you.

They love EVERYONE

4.  Cats will go through great lengths to make their way back home.

5.  Cats are the coolest pets. Sorry dogs.


6.  Cats are clever at finding other survival resources.

Who needs a water dish?

7.  Spoiler Alert – They LOVE cuddling.

Cuddle all night long!

8.  They are the truest of homebodies.

Partying takes too much effort.

9.  Cats are not afraid to stand their ground.

Oh NO you DIDN’T!

10.  Cats are truly one of your best friends.

I love you Best Friend.

BONUS: CAT VIDEO – You are welcome.


2 thoughts on “10 Surprising Facts About Cats

  1. Cat walking on two legs is actually one of the creepiest things I have ever seen!!!! Reminds me of that really old black and white vampire movie!!!! NOSFERATU!!!!!!

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