Sara Rose Wheeler: What I Read

I have never been a fan of alarm clocks. I even tried to put some of my favorite songs in place of that obnoxious ring or horn to wake me up. Without fail, my hatred towards waking up at 5:30 A.M. four days out of the week grows stronger with each slumber. Time to muster up some effort to get ready and attempt to look presentable to the world.

I work at an oral surgeons office. Sometimes the sun is still sleeping as I walk in to start my 6:30 A.M. shift to make patients feel better about getting their teeth pulled.Let’s face it –  who truly wants their teeth pulled?

I am eager to read what the world has been up to while I was sleeping. After I get cozy at my desk and get everything ready for the day, I finally get to check my email. I look to see if any Twitter notifications are flooding my inbox. Skunked again. With the swipe to the left and the red button that says, “Archive” to junk or nonsense emails, it is time to move on.

I usually then head over to Facebook to see what is going on in the world. Sometimes, Facebook even let’s me know if it is cold out! Actually, Facebook alerts me to any weather related news. You can also add sporting events, popular television shows and local events in that category as well. I get bored with Facebook fast because everything and everyone is usually the same. I am just the creep who trolls to see what everyone is doing rather than post anything about my life.

Twitter is where the real entertainment happens. You can get a tweet from a B-level MTV reality star (don’t judge) followed by Anne Curry telling me what major event is happening at this very moment. Sometimes Uberfacts surprises me with things that I never knew! For example, did you know when you die you can have your ashes turned into a memorial reef? Or how about talking about ourselves triggers the same sensation of pleasure in our brains as food or money. Amazing facts under 140 characters!

Lunch time usually arrives at noon. I head to my car to eat my feast and enter my favorite world of BuzzFeed. Oh BuzzFeed – it is like Reddit’s little brother; lots of useless nonsense and loads of photos. Sometimes, you can even catch a serious story. I enjoy the Rewind section on Buzzfeed. The videos they post about facts also catches my eye. Usually my Reddit and Buzzfeed time go back to back. I usually gain or lose knowledge, all depending on what my mood is. Spolier alert – do not go to the sub reddit WTF. I warned you.

Between calling insurances companies and checking in patients, I scroll through Instagram to see what friends posted a carbon copy selfie that they posted yesterday but in a different outfit. I also look for the cute animal and baby photos. If you are having a bad day, Google dogs wearing tights and everything is better again. I usually Google random photos to make my day go by much quickly.

At the end of the day, I relax to some Jeopardy and in between commercials I check above sites. I get my news through Reddit, Buzzfeed and always Twitter. Twitter retweets are my favorite. I would have never been aware of a story or breaking news if it wasn’t for this amazing site.

As 5 O’clock hits on Friday, see you later internet world. Time to catch up on my favorite shows such as New Girl, Parks and Recreation, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and  Louie. During the week I am attached to my phone. Rotting my brain with all those apps. After five on Friday, I am attached to the people I love and spend the whole weekend with them to only be reunited with the social media world at 5:30 A.M. Monday morning.


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