I am lost.
I’m running through the forest but everything looks the same.
Right to left.
Left to right.
I think I forgot.
Just for a second,
The paths I have crossed.

The leaves fall with every branch I hit.
The crunch of the leaves make me just want to quit.
This forest is so big.
Everything looks exactly the same.
Running in circles.
The sun begins to hide.
Causing shade to form into addictive darkness.
I place myself against some rocks.
I have never been so lost.

Doubt covers my mind.
If only I knew they could be so right.
Where to go?
Where to lead?
I don’t have the slightest clue.

I muster some courage and trek on.
“I only have a couple of hours of daylight.”
I need to push myself.
I need to fight.
The unknown is a scary thing.
Its better than not trying at all.

I run.
I run.
To be greeted by a fork in the forest.
Left or right?
Good or bad?
Stay or change?
Scary thoughts flood my brain.
Make a move.
Or don’t move at all.

I dash into a puddle and run with all my mite.
“I hope this is the best decision I made in my entire life.”
Jumping over rocks and sticks that are in my way.
I am determined to see what is at the end of this day.
The sun is quickly setting.
I nearly have enough time.
The path I chose will surely change my life.


Out of breath and beaten.
I am almost at the end.
This whole journey is getting the best of me.
But I will not let it defeat me.
Thinking back,
The confusion and illusions.
This path did not want me to finish.
I let it know I was in control.

Almost at the end I can see a figure standing.
Awaiting my arrival without even knowing.
My skirt is torn to pieces.
My shirt covered in dirt.
I wipe the sweat dripping from my face.
I run.
I run.

Slowing down the figure starts to become clear.
Its bright eyes gives me strength to continue
Without knowing, this figure changes my life.
I’m running as fast as I can.
This figure is almost near.
My heart is beating out of my chest.

I have finally arrived.
“Take my hand.”
You have saved my life.
Out of breath.
Out of time.
I made it out of the forest.
A new start to a new life.
I look back and reflect.

The dark path.
The rocky roads that lead me to this very moment.
The sun begins to shine.
Slowly moving to make its way to me.
What a beautiful sign.
I am no longer afraid.
I feel so alive.
Change was made.
You changed my life.

The trees tried grabbing me.
Wrapping me with their branches.
Making it seem like they were home.
Leaves of lies covered the truth.
They were never home.

Out of the forest and memories in the past.
I have made it at last.
I am ready.
I no longer have to run.
I finally feel at home.
I’m home.
In this very moment,
I am exactly where I am supposed to be.
I am home.


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