The Breakdown

I guess this is the breakdown. Oh I’ve been waiting for this for so long.
The tears are falling, and my make-up is running. My heart is being poured out.
I tell myself that I’ll be OK. “Just wipe your eyes little girl and wait for a new day.”
The sun will come out, and shine it all away.

So, here I am in the breakdown. Confusing myself more and more each day.
“What I believe and what I feel are just pretend.” I say.
My hopes and wishes are held up on display.
In a cage, locked up on a shelf, starving to come out one day.


And at night I dream, and only see you in my dreams. “Hello beautiful stranger.” I’ll say.
And soon enough, you fade away, and I awake, and sit and wonder.
Middle of the breakdown rattles like thunder.
Oh, will this feeling ever go away?
Something so strong is still stuck inside of me.
Tears can’t seem to fight it away.

I’m just lying to myself each and everyday with everything that has been built
up inside of me for so long and I’m afraid it won’t go away.
I’m just lying to my self not wanting to face the truth.
You are gone and now there is not a damn thing to lose.

So, I guess this is the breakdown. Hopefully it won’t last too long.
My eyes are getting tired and my heart is growing sore.
The tears are overflowing and becoming so trite.
So, as I’m laying in bed I’ll think of you tonight.
I’ll be strong and fight this off.
Say Goodbye to everything I thought was so right.

written: October ’12


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