We Were Number Eleven

How weird it is.
Spring turned to winter in a flash.
We all knew winter wasn’t our month.
And sadly we wouldn’t last.

The distance got the best of us.
The distance made us realize,
we were always destined to come undone.

I’m stuck.
5 years and this is what we amounted to?
I can’t get passed the thought of losing you.
My best friend.
Our romance.
Number eleven.
What happened?

We were two parallel lines that would go on forever.
What happened?
Your lies, you thought you were so clever.

But, can you at least look me in the eyes
and tell me that I meant something?

Your alcoholic filled words taunt my ears in the middle of the night.
“You are perfect. I am still in love with you.”
You demand you are right.
I scream, “I’m hanging up I refuse to fight.”

You announce your flashback to the summer when we first meant.
Our blue polo’s and khakis slacks.
The Utica Zoo and listening to Jack’s.

Remember our first kiss?
Chin up, lips meet, butterflies.
You were quite the surprise.

You hold my hand for the first time.
We fell in love instantly that night.

The memories are bittersweet.
The taste you leave is still stuck in my mouth.
I want to touch you. I want to breathe you.
Say fuck you.
I don’t need you.
Get out.


You called yourself foolish
to have let me go the first time.
I wanted nothing more to fit in your heart.
You wanted nothing more than to get the best of me.

Boomerang, I toss you.
You return.
I throw my hardest.
Please don’t return.

Late night visits at the dam.
You’d fish.
I’d watch,
Keeping the fire company.
How fun, how so in love we used to be.
Early mornings, we would greet the sea.

How fun, how so in love we used to be.
5 years – you are merely just a memory.

I’m just something that got left behind.
And it all seemed to have gotten erased.

“I poured my heart out.
I told you to keep this to yourself.”
This is all your fault.

The moment went by too fast.
It slipped right through both our hands.
I’m still pretty, but, I feel like a car crash.

Boomerang, I toss you.
You return.
I toss you, wanting you to come back.
I throw my hardest.
Please don’t return.

Let me tell you something,
you’re crazy.
You’re selfish.
You make me so helpless.

How could this possibly happen?
We were number eleven.


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