The Chair.

There it is.

Taking up space and collecting the cat hair. Not in the corner, but, smack dab in the middle of this tiny living space. Trust me; I did not want to bring this with me. It reminds me of you and quite frankly, lately, I am not a fan. The olive corduroy color matches my hideous mustard walls so, I will give it that. I know it is not its fault that I am not a fan of it; no matter how comfy it is.

It’s doubled in size as a normal one would be. Annie, our tiny, orange, crooked tail, cat loves to lay smack dab in the middle of it. Elliot, my white, chubby, feisty cat loves nothing more than to scratch the stitches out of the fabric and make his claws their home. We cannot forget the ugly brown and orange fabric pillow that is delicately placed on one of the arms. Annie just decided to climb intensely on top of it. For no apparent reason she is scratching the top making it more cozy for her slumber, maybe.


I had debated throwing it on to the curb. Perhaps, someone would find this memory of you more comfy than I seem to. I am sure the cats would miss it but since we are being honest now, I simply do not have another to replace it. So, with that, I will let Annie and Elliot lie upon its top and cuddle up to its arms and let the cat hair continue to accumulate between the stitches and creases. I will then let Elliot carry on to scratch his nails on its fabric with a tiny hope maybe he gets in there deep enough to rip it a part. I am rooting for him like my favorite baseball team.

Unfortunately, the dramatically large, ugly, olive colored corduroy fabric piece of furniture proceeds to let dust bunnies increase in volume underneath it shooting me another memory as I walk passed it.

Still, refusing to make myself comfy in it.


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