Don’t let Red Skull bully you.


When you sit down to begin your novel and or begin your article, after one thousand words when your editor only asked you for five hundred, reality check – you need to cut some of it out. Not everything you wrote is interesting or will have a huge impact on the reader.

Bam! Edit!

Almost like when you do a Facebook purge. What is a Facebook purge you ask? I shall tell you!

Facebook purging is when you decide that that boy you thought was cute in high school who is now a weirdo and you have not spoken to him in about 8 years. You click the little trash can and or icon that says ‘delete friend’ then you simply repeat until everyone that has no purpose in your life is off your Facebook timeline.

Red Skull bad. Captain America greeaaat!


HINT: You should probably just delete your Facebook all together. Just throwing my two cents out there.

Anyways, I apologize. I do not remember how we got here. EDITING

Yes, back to editing. I always read my work out loud (lies, I SOMETIMES do.) that way I can see if something sounds clunky and or does not fit. I will also read over and go over a piece a million times (well, it seems like that much.) until I feel it is absolutely perfect.

There is no such thing as perfect. There is a such thing as making your writing stand out and at the correct length. Editing is so important to anything you write. That novel you just finished, I am sure that author cut out and put back in and cut out again a lot of parts to make his or her book just right.

Once you are satisfied, then you know. Then you completed the editing page and ready to hand in that paper!

Congrats! You finished 7 hours before it was due when you knew about it all semester! Cheers!

Oh PS: Regardless if you are writing a paper, novel and or professional email, please PLEASE never use abbreviations. Just spell words out please.

For example:

“OMG I will work on that disclosure. LMK if you ladies need any help!”

What the f did that person just say?

Ok bye.


I work for the reader, not the police

When someone tells you something personal…

     Then finish it with, “But please do not tell anyone!” Do you go and tell?
I never know exactly what to do. I even have thought about writing a post about a situation with a close friend – but is it ethical?

What would you do?

Here is her story…

Love – oh love. It is such a toxic thing. When two hearts collide – BAM – you are stepping in dangerous territory.

“Driving away from the wreck of the day and I’m thinking ’bout calling on Jesus. ‘Cause love doesn’t hurt so I know I’m not falling in love. I’m just falling to pieces.”

A pretty young girl. A handsome young guy.

“I got this bruise from a workout.” She said.

Weeks go by…

“I was playing around. I am such a klutz.” She would say.

Until her clumsiness gets too extreme.

With tears streaming down here face — she admits the cold hard truth we all suspect.

The one she loves — hits her.

I didn’t want to put beat because that sounds extremely harsh. Was that ethical of me?

She continues to tell her story which is powerful and I get to know more about her and she opens up to me.

Me — out of every one. Me.


Though this was a long while ago — I thought about writing about it for the public.

How can we help others that are in the same situation?

Would that be ethical? To put my own thoughts and opinions in a subject too close to me?

The back and forth continues.

Her voice should be heard.

He should pay more than the six months of jail time he received.

The question continues.

I work for the reader, not the police.

You can call me Al

Courtesy of Chevy Chase

“A man walks down the street…

He says, “Why am I soft in the middle now? Why am I soft in the middle? The rest of my life is so hard. I need a photo-opportunity. I want a shot at redemption. Don’t want to end up a cartoon. In a cartoon graveyard.” Oh Paul Simon, I will call you Al.

Character development is important in anything you write and in this case sing. You want to describe your characters in your stories whether they are boring, fun, fat, thin, stupid, etc. Create a character and stick to it. For instance, Mr. Simon continues with his character,

“A man walks down the street. He says, Why am I short of attention? Got a short little span of attention and wo my nights are so long. Where’s my wife and family? What if I die here? Who’ll be my role-model? Now that my role-model is Gone Gone.  He ducked back down the alley with some roly-poly little bat-faced girl. All along along. There were incidents and accidents. There were hints and allegations…”


Make your character stand out. Make them noticeable. Make them memorable, or catchy in P- Simon’s case.

Courtesy of Looked how bummed Paul looks then look how ridiculous Chevy looks. Pure Gold.


If you don’t create intriguing characters, then, your story will be a bust. No one wants to read about something boring (as I stated in previous posts) people want to read about interesting things. Such as, a character who has multiple personalities and or has the ability to clone his or herself such as the Michael Keaton hit, ‘Multiplicity.’ Its every Doug for himself!

In conclusion, create and or shine the light on your characters. Don’t half ass your story with a boring character.

You are welcome.


And So Your Story Begins…

is how the scenario usually plays out.

You are given an assignment months in advanced. “Oh no worries!” You say to yourself. “I will get this done way before it is due!”

Cue to the night before your assignment is due where all hell is breaking because your ‘clever’ little mind decided that busting out a seven page paper was indeed doable the night before it was due.

Spoiler alert – it is not.

I never understood why teachers always wanted us to write a first draft. Honesty, when they still tell me to do it, I usually will write it and never write another one again. Horrible. I am aware. However – I do see the reason behind doing it – to make your work better!

Love me some April from the television show Parks and Recreation

If you are like me – besides amazing – you are not a social butterfly nor do you like to talk to people slash initiate conversations. First drafts give you a reason to talk to your classmates and they will let you know if your paper sucks or not. Hey, that’s a mystery in itself.

I just realized I was going off topic. ANYWAYS, first drafts – yes – please do them. You only learn more about your writing if you continue to write. Even if it is the same paper over and over again. Practice makes perfect and honestly feedback is key. Don’t think you are perfect because news flash Susie – no one is perfect.

Annnnnd that was my blog on first drafts brought to you by the book ‘Telling True Stories‘ sold on a website near you!

Look At This Photograph…

Hi - I'm not a creepy mannequin!

Hi – I’m not a creepy mannequin!

Pictures say a thousand words. Or so they say…

Personally, I think photos capture memories. I will be completely honesty – I cannot remember what I did five hours ago so to have photos available do make recalling memories easier.

A lot of the photos I take are in the moment. Maybe they are of a lot of cats, dogs, animals, mind your business! However – I capture moments I personally would like to remember. Wouldn’t you?

Here are some of my photos I have captured over the years.
Brought to you by my Nikon D3000!

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Will The Real Sara Rose Wheeler Please Stand Up


They are interesting. They make us wonder why our lives are extremely boring. Let’s face it – every one is a sucker for a solid profile. I know I am.

In this post, as we learned in part 3 in Telling True Stories – I will write a lovely profile of myself.


Leslie Knope, I adore you.

Monday – January 23, 1989, a blonde haired 6lb and 11oz bundle of joy entered the world – Sara Rose Wheeler.

Ok, hold on. That isn’t exactly how you would start your profile, but, you get the gist of it.

Side note – expect to see a lot of Leslie Knope gifs because well, this is my profile and I can do whatever I want.

Speaking of waffles….

Back to my profile …

Without fail, every morning, when the alarm hits 5:55A.M., she slowly makes her way out of her bed. Arms above her head and with one eye open, Sara struggles to make it to the bathroom to get ready for another ten hour shift.

When this happens to me – its the best gift on this earth.

6:30A.M. is when her shift begins. Ready to tell patients whether or not they can afford to have their teeth extracted. The stress in the office is unbearable but yet her witty attitude seems to trek through.

See, now you are getting it! The whole point of a profile is to shine a light on a person. To show the world who they are. Granted, my life is extremely thrilling (nope) it is still interesting to get to know someone through someone else’s eyes.

I am sure once my profile goes on and on about how incredible I am, you will get to learn more about me. I will save you a read and give you a list of top ten facts about me.





1. I get distracted easily – clearly. Profiles?
2. I wish I could sleep for more than 7 hours.
3. I am always cranky.
4. I love to write – clearly.
5. I just tried steak for the first time last year and I have no idea how I have been living 25 years without eating it.

All the steaks

6 – I don’t want to do this anymore,
7. Profiles are in my opinion the most entertaining to write.
8. Well, besides obituaries.
9. Because, you learn so much about a person you never knew before.
10. Like me – I have taught you all a lot today about myself.

I just finished a 12 hour shift — I’m done.

Six Restaurants That Keep Upstate New York Alive – Just Sayin’


Click me to come eat with me!


nps gov

 Oh Rome, New York. The city that has a fort in the middle of it. Which, I still till this day have no idea why?! No offense – have you been to Rome? Also, it is filled with nothing.

You have your typically Wal-Mart. The photo on the right is the Wal-Mart from Rome, NY and let me tell you, that is the spot to be at. Why do you ask? Because  there is literally nothing to do in Rome.

However, enough with the negative Nancy. Let’s talk about great thing in the good ol’ Rome, NY  —- FOOD. NOM NOM NOM

Well, lucky for you, I created a map that gives you the exact locations and even some sneak peak exclusive home town photos (well supplied by Google. Of course) of these delicious, mouth watering, amazing restaurants.

Click the map and it will bring you to your food destination! That I, Sara Rose Wheeler, highly recommend. Clearly.

Speaking of food – I’m Hungry….

Watch B List Stars Dance!

Let's Meet Our Dancers!

Let’s Meet Our Dancers!

We all know you cannot wait until Monday March 17th to sit down in your favorite cozy muumuu and indulge in some delicious buttery, salty goodness that is not popcorn but even better – Dancing With The Stars! SEASON 18!


Kimmy Gibbler and I will be rooting for you!